Mermaid Pools | Tahmoor Canyon

Adventures to Mermaid Pools. Parking at Charlie’s Point Rd, head under the bridge and follow the creek along the bank, until you come to a sign heading right up the bank. From here it’s an easy 40 minute walk. You’ll come to a fork, if you head down and to the left you’ll find See Through Pools, a gorgeous little spot where you can sit and watch the falls or jump off a little rock! Head back the way you came and continue to Mermaid Pools, this is easy to navigate, there is some rock hopping involved, then you follow the creek down to the large gorge and falls. A gorgeous spot for a picnic or, if you’re brave, jump off the rock! (be sure to check the water levels first though). We’re weren’t brave (read: stupid) but it was a beautifully sunny day and we came home with some perfect shots…!


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