Camping & Canyons | Newnes NP

Camping & Canyoning, is there anything better? Answer: not much.
We headed out past Lithgow a few weeks ago, our goal to explore Newnes National Park, do some four wheel driving, and basically just have a chill weekend, and that we did.

The boys and Jen in their big 4x4s and Mia and myself in my trusty Subaru (aka the Lesbi Van as it became known). Newnes was beautiful, full of moss, and super fun 4×4 tracks. Yeah, the boys got stuck. Yeah, the subie killed it.

We eventually reached the big camp ground, surrounded by stunning cliff line, set up camp, cracked a cider or two and watched the stars. Perfect.

In the morning we decided to bypass the Glowworm Tunnel, instead heading back IN to Lithgow, then back OUT of Lithgow to find River Caves Canyon. It was a little confusing to find, but you basically cross the line at Zig Zag Railway and follow the fire trails, eventually reaching a sign for Deep Pass, you park just after here**

We wandered down another smaller fire trail and down to the creek, following this for some time until you reach the start of the canyon. It was incredible! Water only up to your knees in parts, its a stunning but easy canyon with no abseils.

Such an excellent weekend with amazing people. Here is a link to the video of our weekend by the talented @me_ahh_ (go follow her) 

** There are plenty of very detailed directions online for this canyon, and i suggest printing them out before heading out, as there is no cell service and the forest is a maze.




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