Evans Lookout | Acacia Flat | Perrys Lookdown

20 kids. 3 teachers. 2 days. 1 night. 12km.

I went into this a little hesitant, never doing an overnight hike before. 12km doesn’t sound like much at all, but it was all downnnnn, then it was all upppp. So glad i spent the previous few weeks getting my legs ready at Sublime Point.

We met at school and weighed all the kids packs. 20kg packs on kids that weigh 60kg isn’t ideal, but apparently all that food is important. We hit the road, then spent a good hour at Parks and Wildlife trying to figure out their WiFi so we could collect an emergency beacon.
Once we headed off it was cruisy. The second group out of the gate took a wrong turn very early on, but picked up their mistake and we all headed down the mountain to Acacia Flat.
Got to camp, set up, discovered ferns make for a (reasonably) comfortable camp bed, and then realised we probably pitched our tent on a spiders nest of some sort (8 on the tent in the first ten mins). We headed down to the river to fill up water, have a lovely tea, then back to camp to cook dinner. I would not recommend dehydrated meals, had to “cook” it twice and still tasted like crap. After that delightfully terrible meal it decided it wanted to rain so I decided an early night was appropriate.

It was the super moon this particular night, and although i did feel a little slack going to bed early and not even attempting to shoot it (there was a lot of cloud cover, rain, and trees in the way – that’s my excuse anyway) I slept, and i slept well. Todd stole my camera though and managed to get the super moody shot you see above.

The next morning i cooked myself some delicious oats (if you don’t already have a Jet Boil Flash i can highly recommend!) then we headed off through Blue Gum Forest and then up to Perry’s Lookdown. 3-4hrs steep ascent. Argh. It was tough! But we managed to do it a lot quicker than expected.

An excellent couple of days, with beautiful kids in the gorgeous Blue Mountains. Can’t wait for the next one!


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