NZ Day 1 & 2: Christchurch to Lake Tekapo to Lindis Pass to Oamaru

Okay so we arrived in Christchurch at 3.30pm on the 29th Jan. Our flight was delayed an hour in Sydney. Once we arrived at the airport the first thing we did was buy credit so we could use data (google maps!) throughout the journey. Our Visas decided not to work. Yay. 40 minutes later and we finally decided to figure out where to pick up our camper. Oops last pick up 4.30pm. 20 minutes left. Shit. Jumped in a cab and thankfully it was just down the road. Luck!

We eventually headed off after over an hour of sorting forms, signing stuff and showing us the van. First stop Countdown (Woolworths). Loaded the camper up with everything we needed for the first week. Next stop Burgerfuel (because yum). Needless to say we wasted too much time in Christchurch.

Hit the road and the sun was already going down. The plan for tomorrow was Lake Tekapo but we wouldn’t make it there. Instead we parked behind a church in Fairlie and slept there the night. Not ideal but not an issue. No fines in the morning. Winning.

In the morning we headed to Lake Tekapo and had coffee and breakfast by the lake, very peaceful. Still snow capped mountains. Gorgeous. We drove around the lake a little and almost got bogged on the first day. Luckily my ace driving skills saved us. Checked out Church of the Good Shepard (disappointing we couldn’t do some astro stuff here but still lovely). Drew got to have a float on his Christmas present and was super relaxed.

We then drove to Lake Pukaki and took some more photos. Such a gorgeous first day weather wise. Then it was off to Lindis Pass, after which we stayed the night at Oamaru Top 10 Holiday Park (best showers of the trip so far!)

If you’d like to check out a video of the whole trip click this


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