NZ Day 3 & 4: Oamaru to Dunedin to Otago Peninsula to The Catlins

Left Oamaru mid-morning and headed down the coast to Dunedin. It was New Years Eve but the place was super quiet. Checked out the cool street art walk in Dunedin and it almost felt like a tour group walking around with a bunch of others doing the same thing. The drive along the peninsula is super weird, right on the edge of the bay and no barriers to stop you going off if you miss judge a corner. We did a bit of a wander up someone’s property (supposedly a proper walk) and saw lots of sheep and lots of mist, not much else. We stayed the night Portabello Village Tourist Park, it was okay, out of the way. Don’t recommend the showers.

Left Otago pretty late and headed to the Catlins! On the way we stopped at Nugget Point Lighthouse and Tunnel Beach. This was a bit of a lazy day. We stayed at a Christian camp ground which was really weird and seemed like it was just “park wherever” in the backyard of someone’s house. Wouldn’t really recommend this place. The showers were pretty bad but the gentleman at the office was lovely!


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