Hey! My name is Coby and i’ve decided to get back into blogging after many years. I guess the most important things to know about me would be my love of photography and exploring. I honestly can’t get enough, it’s a bit of an addiction. When i’m not doing that, you’ll find me teaching Visual Arts to high school kids and daydreaming about it…

But really, i love life, so cliche’ i know! And i think we have to make the most of it. I read somewhere once that we have 104 weekend days a year, but lucky for me i get 164 days off a year #teacherlife… So instead of “living for the weekend” i like to “live for the afternoons” and try and cram in as much as possible.

I’ve been teaching for 9 years now, and i enjoy my job, but it’s just a job, it pays my bills. Unfortunately i don’t have the greatest passion for teaching, unlike most, but it’s a job where i can be creative, have fun, and most importantly, have lots of “me” time.

I was lucky enough to explore America a few years ago, and it ignited my passion for travel. Unfortunately, a number of life choices hindered my wanderlust and i’ve only recently booked at roadtrip around New Zealand. Next on the list is Iceland, Canada, the States again and Norway. Time to save save save.

I guess this blog is just a creative outlet for me. I’ve found myself becoming lazy with my editing (trust me its so easy on Instagram) and after i recently lost almost a years worth of photos I decided it best to document my life and adventures online. So here goes!






let's make it up as we go